HostGator Black Friday Sale

Hi again, if you somehow wanna have your own blog or hosting for yourself or for your friends or relatives. This would be your very best chance: for the HostGator will be giving Black Friday Sale with 75% OFF all new hosting packages and $1.95 domains! The sale begins at 12:00AM Central Time, Friday, November […]

Everybody Reviews

I, you, and every body else buy things for our everyday life. We buy shirts, books, computers, notebooks, gadgets, vehicles, etc. Some of us buy things in rush, sometimes we buy them late, as our very own decision need. Some people divide us according to our buying behavior as emotional and rational buying behavior. Some […]

Simple Drawing :D

No post for today, just a simple drawing to remind myself of how wonderful my child time was. :

What Do You Think Of This?

Got this picture while dine out with family tonight. Something drew my attention looking at the script above. Yes, that’s right, the yellow sign drew my attention. It’s the charity to Rumah Zakat that interested me. It’s clearly stated on the script that the food vendor give some amount of the price to the charity […]

Android Favorite Apps (2): Swype Keyboard

It's time to talk about Swype! Really like this!   Hello again folks! InThe last posting I've talked about the messaging app in Android that I like best, go SMS pro. And now let's talk about the Swype that I really like. Swype is a way to type using virtual keyboard in your mobile device […]

Aplikasi Android Favorite (1): Go SMS Pro

Halo Para Penikmat, kali ini ane mau berbagi pengalaman alias share tentang aplikasi atau program Android yang ane pakai dan ane sukai. Walau mungkin ane nggak memanfaatkan semua fitur di aplikasi tersebut, tapi setidaknya ada beberapa fitur yang dapat digunakan atau mungkin dapat diandalkan. Rencananya sih postingan kali ini adalah petikan yang pertama dari […]